Singapore breaks speed dating

Jumping into another relationship was definitely the lowest on the priority list; leading the life I never had while I was in a relationship was at the top.

As if the planets had aligned and Cupid decided to take me on a ride, the option of speed dating opened up for me.

It has become so popular since its inception in October last year that the school has had to recruit another trainer, the polytechnic's spokeswoman told Reuters.

The course is intended to provide an "understanding of the fundamentals of human relationships" and is one of two offered by Singapore's polytechnics to encourage young Singaporeans to get married, the newspaper said.

Joining Expedia and alternative dating website uk as they whisked 60 solo travellers to Italy in search of love, 34-year-old Jessica 'dated' 21 bachelors at 35,000 feet during the flight.

And then she touched down and had three dates with different candidates who were handpicked for her based on her interests. To prove that travel makes people more interesting and can ignite the spark of romance.

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The course is modeled along general elective classes that students from all faculties can take.It wasn't too hard for us to avoid talking about travel at first as we were just finding out the basics about each other, but when we finally could, it was great to share our experiences.For example, I have never skied but would love to go and Olly was telling me about his skiing trips and giving me information on where to go.It’s also a nifty tool for those flying solo to meet people, swap experiences and, if they like, share travel costs like accommodation. Using your phone’s location, this geo-social networking app picks up fellow Grindr males in your area.A good way if you’re looking to come out of the closet and meet folks of the same persuasion.

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