Johnny depp and angelina jolie dating updating k850i

Angelina even hired the same lawyer that represented Johnny in his divorce "based on the advice that he has given her," so that's sweet.

You may not have noticed - what with the foundations of American democracy crumbling at your feet, and all - but it's been an interesting few weeks in the life of Johnny Depp.

Still, said a source, the actors established a close friendship both on-screen and off.

The "Tourist" co-star Johnny became Pitts rival in the movie.

She even shared photos of her bruised face to the courts before ultimately agreeing to a large settlement and throwing out her claims against him.

As for the possibility that something went on between Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp prior to their recent divorces, the source shot down the idea, claiming there is no indication of any such thing.

Meghan Markle is moving in with Prince Harry, reports OK! The publication notes the royal and the actress are “secretly engaged,” and Markle’s hoping to get “settled as soon as possible” in Prince Harry’s cottage in Kensington Palace.

For when she’s moving in, and details about how Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II have reacted, click over to Gossip Cop.

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