How is holly valance dating

“The first thing I did when I found out I was going on Neighbours was scream and quit my old job,” Olympia Valance tells me with great relish.The 21-year-old Aussie has joined the iconic soap as feisty temptress Paige Novak, following in the footsteps of her famous older half-sister who played Felicity Scully back in 1999.Another perk of being a billionaire, is you get to date pretty much anyone in the world you want.Even if your dream crush is happily married, with a billion dollar bank account at your disposal there's a good chance you can make something happen.

According to Madison, the girlfriends — seven at the time — were desperate for “fresh meat” to avoid satisfying Hefner themselves.

That night, Madison was led into Hefner's bedroom to join his harem of scantily clad blonds lolling on the bed as two big screens played porn. Suddenly, one of the other women grabbed Madison and hissed in her ear: “Fake the f---!

” She looked around and saw all of them were pretending to make out.

But I’ll be really looklng forward to summer,” she laughs. She’s just really real and genuine.”And who would be her all-time dream neighbours?

"Let's see, Mark Wahlberg will obviously be living with me.

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