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” Angel was honestly confused and looked so damned CUTE like that. “Who are those girls, why did you put them in the box, what the hell is going on here? She was an old friend from the other end of the block. (The thumb drive acted both as a key and as the way the programming was transferred from the computer to the box.

Our Chat Rooms are not directly connected with the Community and require a separate membership and password. Moderators freely offer their personal time for the betterment of your chatting experience please respect them and their decisions. This chat is a SSC chat room topics outside of SSC and our guidelines may result in bans (can be without warning) . NO Trolling (purposely being a nuisance) no one likes it and it is really not acceptable in the Femdom lifestyle. If female sexual orientation is in doubt, requests will be made for verification from Moderators. (**Moderators have the right to allow who they like, regardless of sexual orientation) 9. Topics that fall outside of the commonly used safe sane and consensual guide lines (including drug and alcohol references)Any form of mixed BDSM play, outside of Femdom. U/us W/we Y/you) is NOT necessary in this room if you wish to use them please feel free to do is not a rule. If the rules are violated, the Chatter will be removed at the discretion of the owners or moderators.

Drop outs often occur in the chat room through associated connectivity problems and are just a fact of using the internet, they occur to us all. Below are just some ideas and suggestions, you can take or leave them, that's up to you. (Yes, guy subs, I'm talking to YOU) The only people you impress are those who have been on line dominants for less than an hour or the Dommes who got their idea of D/s from internet fantasy fodder.

If you yourself outside the chat room just re log in. Real life Dommes are much more impressed to find out that you have a brain, can hold a polite conversation, and have a few manners.

The next section discussed programming the box and actually using it. They could not be restored to their original state since Dr.

The manual started with a ‘thank you for buying this product’ letter, then had a section of receiving, unpacking, and setting up the box. “Unless, of course, the woman in question is a Transform, in which case her DNA carries the markers of her master, so their touch actually reinforces the priming to her master.” Great.

Those not doing so will be suspended, this is non revocable. Only one profile per person, multiple profiles will result in bans. **Please note: if you are in breach of the rules you may or may not be given a warning prior to being banned. When you enter on line chat rooms, don't kneel, lower your eyes, or greet ONLY the Dommes in the rooms.

Pass worded rooms are invite ONLY, passwords will only be given out by the room owner when necessary. Note this is a Femdom BDSM chat; Male Dom and Male Switches will not be tolerated.

No bitch is spared and huge cocks are being forced into their pussies, mouths and assholes. Take everyone over to Angel’s house and get them something to eat and wear. ” The group giggled and squirmed in ways that—almost—made Jack change his mind, but he yanked Angel to doc’s living room. It is actually a harem, but whenever he thinks that word, he gets a headache... We got together for tea sometimes when she was having a good day. And if there was, do you think they would answer the phone that way? ” “Well, I have a question about some boxes.” “You mean a shipping or packing question? ” “It is on the information plate at the foot of each box, but it should also be in the manual, printed on the inside of the front cover.” “Ah. Midwest Transmogrification Technologies model TMMBOX-F7, serial numbers 11F77432-5493. ”) The window for the oral dose is another day, then one needs to finish the job within a few hours after that, but it would reset in a week or so if not activated. ” “You may want to sit down for this.” Jack sat and Angel arranged herself on his lap. She was a lot like Miss Maddy, or, for that matter, Sally, Elizabeth, or Kim.” She used the original first names of the other three women in Jack’s group. “Poor old Phyllis was lonely, bored, and in poor health. “Sir, there is no such thing as the Secret Sexlabs, Inc. When Jack mumbled something about not being Wi-Fi, the voice mentioned that the F7 series was a low-end unit.) The ‘how long’ depended on a lot of things, but it was best to do the DNA priming within a couple of days (“and you understand that traditionally this happens when they are helped out of the box, right?Note: This implies you no longer need to fill in any kind of sensitive information as well as load pictures.Using this strategy, your personal sensitive particulars are definitely safe from credit account hackers that would pilfer your very own personal info.

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